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Harding Montana Beef

Gently, quietly tended by cowboys on horseback in southeast Montana.

Montana Beef

There are a lot of uniquely amazing things to say about Ranchstar™ Montana Beef. There are a couple of them listed below. Ranchstar™ Montana Beef is great beef! The taste, the texture, the color, the marbling – it's all perfect. What makes "perfect beef?" Ask anyone who eats Ranchstar™ Montana Beef and they'll tell you what makes "perfect beef."

Try Ranchstar™ Montana Beef for yourself, your patrons, your family – cook it any way you prefer – you'll quickly be able to answer the question: what makes "perfect beef?"

Harding Land & Cattle Company has spent decades creating Ranchstar™ Montana Beef. The Harding family named its Montana Beef "Ranchstar"™ to honor the famous breeds that comprise this amazing hybrid. Ranchstar™ is made up of 50% Red Angus (RAN), 25% Charolais (CHS), and 25% Tarentaise (TAR). The careful combination of the very finest of these breeds maximizes heterosis (also referred to as hybrid vigor). This ensures that the Ranchstar™ herd will exhibit highly desirable characteristics of evolutionary fitness.

Green Pastures

The Harding Ranchstar™ Montana Beef herd is meticulously, gently, naturally raised to consistently produce the very finest, hormone-free beef available today. When you serve Ranchstar™ Montana Beef, you're not only demonstrating discriminating taste in beef, you're supporting practices that are intensely environmentally conscious. Practices of sustainability. Practices of development. Practices of wildlife support and management.

Technology; the modernization of the world; fiercely competitive foreign beef producing countries and the concept that "the bottom line is paramount" have led to some beef producing practices that, well, we here at Harding Land & Cattle Co. frown on.

Yes, using growth-inducing hormones is great for the bottom line, but we don't think it's good for the animals, or for the people who eat them. It's also faster, easier and cheaper to use small, motorized vehicles (ATVs) to move herds of cattle. But ATVs are noisy and make quick movements that can startle the herd, which can lead to injuries and stampedes. Then there's the consideration of what happens to the taste and texture of the beef on cattle that are constantly being startled or run. That's why we use experienced, professional cowboys on horseback to tend to the herds at Harding Land & Cattle Co. Our Montana Beef is raised gently, to keep the meat tasting fresh, delicious and tender, and to prevent undesirable flavors and textures.

Our Ranchstar™ Montana Beef is raised hormone-free; and is free-ranged grazing on our lush Montana pastures. We only supplement the herd's diet with healthy, natural feeds that promote healthy, robust cattle and lean, rich Montana Beef: fresh, protein-rich alfalfa and corn that we grow ourselves. Our herds drink from natural streams, rivers and freshwater ponds.

Our Ranchstar™ Montana Beef is moved to a neighboring USDA inspected and approved facility, where it is optimally aged and then flash frozen for quality-assured shipment to you.

Our Montana Beef is simply great beef.

Our Ranchstar™ Montana Beef is available for purchase by discriminating restaurants, institutions, purveyors of fine meats and individuals.