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Gently, quietly tended by cowboys on horseback in southeast Montana.

Gone are the days when shoppers simply grabbed a carton of eggs, a container of milk or a package of meat. And no longer do diners just sit down at a restaurant and order fish, chicken or a steak. Today, people are interested in – and concerned about – what they eat, and what they feed their families. And the public's level of concern about what they introduce into their bodies is growing rapidly. Whether you're feeding a family, a restaurant full of trusting patrons or stocking a grocery store – you need to serve the very best foods. The best for taste, and the best for health.

Over the years, the Harding's Montana Beef, Ranchstar™, has developed a passionately loyal following. And due solely to word-of-mouth, this following grows every year. It's very important to the Harding family that devoted consumers of Montana Beef – present AND future – know that their choice in beef may have been made by their taste buds and desire for naturally raised food products, but it can be justified by their sense of environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainability for our children and grandchildren.

It's little wonder that our society is becoming more and more concerned with the foods they eat, and the genesis of those foods. Hardly a day goes by that doesn't bring a major news story about diseases caused by foods, or the health benefits of certain foods – as well as foods that are raised in certain ways. Free-range eggs, for example, were all but nonexistent 10 years ago – today they populate ever larger regions of the grocery store. Why? Free-range is better!

Harding's Montana Beef

Here at Harding Land & Cattle Co., we raise Montana Beef. It's what we've always done. It's what we always will do. In many ways, we raise our Montana Beef exactly the way we always have. We don't zip around on fast, noisy ATVs to save time moving our herds. We use horses, with experienced, professional cowboys on them to gently encourage the herds to where they need to be. The herds stay calm, injuries and stampedes are avoided, and every bite of our Montana Beef reveals the wondrous advantages of raising cattle gently – the old fashioned way – the Harding way – the Montana way.

Of course, we do some things differently with our cattle now. Things that make Montana Beef that are raised at the Harding Land & Cattle Co. 90-square mile Montana ranch better: better tasting, with better texture – and just plain better for the folks who eat it and feed it to their families.

We have our own herd and our own genetic cross breed of Montana Beef: Ranchstar™. It's been in development since the 1970's. It's not easy, fast or cheap to create your own genetic cross breed of cattle. It takes generations of offspring, critical analysis, rigidly regulated breeding and lots and lots of space to keep animals separated. It also takes the willingness to accept the many unavoidable defeats and disappointments necessary to create a worthwhile breed of beef cattle. You see, we didn't just want a breed of cattle that would provide folks with healthy, premium quality Montana Beef. We wanted a truly unique genetic cross breed that would populate our herds with calm, gentle cattle. While we are still tenderly guiding our cattle breeding program to ensure that it remains consistently at the highest level, Ranchstar™ is our end product – the culmination of generations of beef cattle; and the men and women who raise them.

Our Montana Beef, USDA inspected Ranchstar™, is available for purchase by discriminating restaurants, purveyors of fine meats, institutions and individuals. Our Montana Beef is raised hormone-free, and is free-ranged grazing on our lush Montana pastures. We only supplement the herd's diet with healthy, natural feeds that promote robust cattle and lean, rich Montana Beef: fresh, protein-rich alfalfa and corn that we grow ourselves. Our herds drink from streams, rivers and freshwater ponds. Our Montana Beef is raised gently, to keep the meat tasting fresh, delicious and tender, and to prevent undesirable flavors and textures. Our Montana Beef is simply great beef.

Whether you are concerned with what you feed your family, what you put into your body to fuel your activities, or the opinions of your patrons – Montana Beef from Harding Land & Cattle Co. will satisfy. Try some Harding Land & Cattle Co. Montana Beef today, and you'll quickly taste the reasons to never eat any other beef.